The Diet to Lose Weight Begins in the Kitchen.

Eat on small plates. The portion will seem more plentiful if served on a salad plate

Nothing ruins a diet as much as ice cream in the freezer. There is no point in drawing up a plan to succeed and lose weight if your environment is not organized.

Always have a meter or handy cup: it is easier to control the portions when you see the amount that fits in a container.

Keep healthy foods at your fingertips: yogurt, skim cheeses, vegetables and fruits should be on the front of the refrigerator.

Hide unhealthy foods: Do not store foods that are fattening. But if your children insist, hide them and have the children look for them.

Eat on small plates. The portion will seem more plentiful if served on a salad plate.

These are the foods that should not be missing at the expense and in the refrigerator of those who diet:

  • Various spices and seasonings: they give flavor without providing many calories. For example, Provencal sauce or garlic powder.
  • Eggs are rich in nutrients it’s simple. Substitute whites for other foods that are even lighter and rich in protein.
  • Low-Calorie Drinks: If you do not like drinking natural water all the time, try diet juices or low-calorie beverages.

How To Buy Healthy Foods

It is not necessary to go to a health food store to buy healthy foods. Make your next visit to the grocery store a worthwhile one.

Many vegetables and fruits: invest your time in the gondolas of vegetables and fruits. You will hardly choose something that is not healthy.

Respect the list: Do not buy food based on momentum.

Make gradual changes: try whole pasta for a week. Then try to skim milk or a different fruit.

These steps will lead you in the right direction.

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