6 reasons why you feel hungry after a few hours of eating enough food

Too many sugary drinks may be consumed

A University of California study suggests that soda, iced tea and other sugary drinks can trigger our brains to crave more food, even after a full meal it is affecting our body to use leptin (a hormone that tells our brain about satiety).

You haven’t eaten enough breakfast.

reasons why you feel hungry after a few hours of eating enough food

In a study conducted in 6,764 healthy people over a 4-year period, the conclusion of some researchers are that people who ate a breakfast of about 300 calories gained nearly twice the weight in comparison to people who ate 500 calories in the morning. The reason cited for this reason is that eating a good breakfast causes small insulin spikes throughout the day and blood sugar fluctuations are lower, which translates into less cravings.

You don’t eat enough vegetables and fruits

With changing dietary patterns, people don’t eat enough fruits and leafy vegetables that are a rich source of vitamin B and folate. These nutrients help fight depression, fatigue and weight gain. One study found that people with higher folate levels lost 8.5 times more weight than people with lower folic acid levels. Green leafy vegetables are also rich in vitamin K, which helps reduce cravings.

You are not taking Tea

According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, people who drank a cup of tea after milk rich in black carbohydrates had their blood sugar levels at 10% for 2.5 hours of consuming it. This helped them stay full longer and less cravings for food. Polyphenol compounds in black tea are known to suppress hunger.

You need to eat complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains help to keep sugar levels stable in carbohydrates as simple as sugary foods, refined flour (Maida), soft drinks, sweets cause a rapid increase in blood glucose, which is usually followed by just as rapid drop in sugar levels. This makes the body to initiate action against hunger even after a short period of time after eating.

You are not drinking enough fluid

When it comes to reaching the food thought you are hungry sometimes it is just that your body could be craving water. Try drinking a glass or two of water. Dehydration often mimics the sensation of hunger, and see if your desires do not diminish.

Good Online Shopping Experiences are NOT Hard to Come by at ijoobi.com

How would you go about getting to know a site, which is reliable enough for you to do your shopping? Wouldn’t be nice if everyone would take the time to actually recommend and share good experiences, instead of complaining about what went wrong? IJoobi is a hassle free site with discount prices!

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ijoobi virtul store

Have you had a good diet and yet still can’t lose weight? Enemy factors

dieting to lose weight

Take it easy. This situation is quite common, but it is also frustrating and can lead to “throwing in the towel.

Sometimes, stopping at a weight may be due to decreased physical activity or metabolic adjustment. In other words, the organism tries to defend itself against the loss of something of its own (the fat) reaching a weight in which the individual is parked and it is very difficult to lower it.

Other times, in cases of individuals who do several diets and none of them with constancy, usually alerts the body and it is prepared to block and not lose weight no matter how much we try and change the diet over and over again.

Fluid retention is another factor that can cause us not to lose weight. This may be due to high salt foods, menstruation in women, anxiety, stress, tobacco abuse and alcohol….

Faced with this situation, diuretics should not be taken because they worsen the picture and can turn a temporary problem into something permanent.


Although they have no effect on fat mass, they are still frequently used in the treatment of obesity. Many obese people think they are fat because they retain a lot of fluid and use diuretics to lose weight.

When we use diuretics, we are eliminating water and salts (potassium, sodium), never fat. Therefore, weight loss is always fictitious, and also causes a rebound effect that leads to greater fluid retention.

One way to overcome these problems and get rid of those extra pounds that bother you so much is to choose a diet that suits your lifestyle, and that you can sustain for a long time. Exercise or any other physical activity that you enjoy but also helps with cardio, and you will achieve your goal.
Find more of our nutritional advice on the blog.

You can write us if you want to know about any other subject.


Favworld review: Ultimate Abs Stimulator was it worth?

Let’s start from the beginning, what is the Ultimate Abs Stimulator from FavWorld? It is a belt that targets all the muscles of the abdominal strap and tones them thanks to electro stimulation.

For many years, we have used these devices for rehabilitation purposes. If you have already broken a member who needed rehabilitation work with a physiotherapist, it may have stuck diodes that sent you unpleasant electric shocks. Well this electro stimulation could be used a little differently.

After unfortunate accidents some muscles are too little, or sometimes no longer stimulated. You have to wake them up. The principle is very simple: electro stimulation will faithfully reproduce the processes involved in the muscular contraction controlled by our brain. And it makes it so faithfully that the muscle is unable to differentiate between a voluntary contraction (by the brain) and the electro-induced stimulation. It is like having a pocket gym-hall that will be working when you are sending e-mails for example.

So when I removed my abs stimulator from favworld.com, it is written that the results are visible after 4 weeks. Of course. But let it be clear this is not a magic device. This belt does not give us the super power to build six packs abs without efforts.

A healthy diet and physical exercises to boost results

I will call this belt my “booster”. In short, if your favorite hobby is eating chips in front of the TV, Monday to Friday, if the weekend you move but to taste a good burger in the restaurant and that on Sunday you do not see anything better than sleeping, this belt will not be useful to you, as it will not transform all fats you ingested into muscles.

On the other hand, if you eat normally (vegetables and proteins, a little carbohydrate for strength); if you avoid all junk food, some pasta and rice, staying away from bread; if you have a gym agenda, or if you usually put on your sneakers to go at zumba or some other exercise; If you know what it is like to step out of your comfort zone, this abs stimulator is definitely yours.

abs stimulator reviews fav world

What did I get by using the ultimate abs stimulator from Favworld.com?

  • It was there for me everywhere and anytime: at the office, at home, at the cinema, in the metro.
  • It is not sticky.
  • It does not abuse: 30 minutes per session.
  • It is very discreet, and doesn’t make any noise.
  • It was scalable to me: 10 programs, 150 levels of intensity
  • It does not take much space: it enters my bag, I take it to the office

In conclusion, I can say that I had a very good experience with the Ultimate Abs Stimulator I have bought from Favworld.com. My abdominal muscles got firmed and well drawn, I feel good, I have burnt some fat within 2 months.
In fact, the problem for most individuals is that they think it can be used to build muscles without providing any other effort … And please stay away from any brands that claim such a promise.

The stimulation caused by the electrodes is not enough to equal muscular efforts I made during a series of classical exercises. It is therefore necessary to accompany the abs stimulators by performing a series of exercises at the same time. Personally, I have decided to go through an alternating program by practicing natural exercises, and another day using only the belt. Its effectiveness has been very obvious.

The Ultimate Abs stimulator is very easy to use, and Favworld.com has some YouTube Tutorials on how to best use it.

Before testing the belt, I had a lot of questions, but once I got one which I purchase in a very secure way at Favworld.com I could see the results very quickly. So do not hesitate, Go to favworld.com and purchase your Ultimate Abs Stimulator now. It cost just 34$ to build up this abdominals you’ve always been dreaming of.

Find Your Fitness Motivation

You know that your pursuit of fitness is good for you. Exercising and eating healthy is good for you. Why, oh why, then is it so hard to stick to a routine?

In order to stick to a routine, finding your fitness motivation is crucial! If you want to power through, you will need more than just knowing how good it is for you to give you the boost that you need.
Here are a few tips that will help you find your motivation.

  • Make sure your goals are manageable

IF you are new to exercise, this is especially true. Don’t make your goals too big so that you become overwhelmed. Be sure to set reasonable and achievable goals that you can stick to. If you fail to meet your goals, you will have a really hard time becoming motivated again.

  • Keep Track of Your Progress

It’s a good idea to keep track of your progress online or in a journal. Note down your workouts, times and stats. Additionally, take pictures of yourself so that you can also have a visual reminder of your progress.

  • Don’t Succumb to Guilt

Let’s be honest. There will be days when you miss your workout or you don’t perform as well as expected. You need to accept these small failures and side steps and not let them derail you. Don’t allow these missteps to be your excuse for giving up.

fitness motivation instagram

  • Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

There will always be someone stronger, fitter, faster and more flexible than you. It’s useless to compare yourself to them. In fact, it’s a distraction. Focus on yourself and how you are better than the day and the week before. It’s all about you!

  • Make it Fun

If you can’t find the motivation, maybe you’re doing the wrong workout. It might be boring to you. Pick activities that you enjoy and that will become something you actually look forward to doing. And remember, you can step out of the gym for your fitness activities. Running on the beach, swimming in the pool, hacking, playing tennis are all fun ways to work on your fitness.

  • It’s ok to Break Up Your Workout

Can’t manage one long work out due to time constraints or boredom? Talk yourself into several mini-sessions! That’s ok too!

  • Make Sure It’s Convenient

Sometimes you may skip a workout because you don’t have 20 minutes to drive to the gym. Maybe You have kids and can’t leave them at home. If that’s the case, find yourself a workout video or an online session to do from your own home! If you’re too tired in the morning, then be sure to work out in the evenings or vice versa. Use your lunch break. Whatever you do, find the right time that works for you!

  • Reward Yourself

Make the benefits of working out actually tangible. Treat yourself to a fun activity or small treat. Extrinsic rewards train you into finding a behavior positive and worthwhile. This will get a habit loop started!

  • Make a Commitment and Sign a Contract

It is super easy to quit on ourselves. But when we commit to others, we tend to follow through more often. Make a pledge in front of your friends and family or better yet, make a pledge with them! Make a commitment to do something specific for a specific period of time and put it in writing. Make sure there is a penalty, such as paying or donating money or having to do an activity that would be embarrassing to you. It will help keep you on track!

  • Be Positive

It will help to think positively about the benefits of a workout. Visualize the positive ways in which you will feel while completing it and the vigor, energy and proud feelings you will have once the activity is completed.

Think about what you wish to happen and visualize the outcome. Then, think about what is holding you back from it and visualize a way to solve that problem. This will help you act upon on your positive vision.

  • Surround yourself with Fit Friends

It may seem like money would be the best motivator for getting fit. But studies have shown that gift cards and such extrinsic rewards aren’t the best motivators. In fact, the best motivation are friends and family members who are supportive and wanting to accomplish similar goals. That’s why joining a running club, making friends at the gym, getting into a yogi circle or signing up for CrossFit or other such fitness classes are the best motivators. Feeling the comradery, having people give you high fives or even calling you when you don’t show up are motivators that money just can’t buy.

If you are wanting to make a commitment to improve upon your fitness, keep these tips in mind. They are a way to motivate yourself to get started and they are also a way to keep you on the right path to a healthier and fitter you.

The Diet to Lose Weight Begins in the Kitchen.

Eat on small plates. The portion will seem more plentiful if served on a salad plate

Nothing ruins a diet as much as ice cream in the freezer. There is no point in drawing up a plan to succeed and lose weight if your environment is not organized.

Always have a meter or handy cup: it is easier to control the portions when you see the amount that fits in a container.

Keep healthy foods at your fingertips: yogurt, skim cheeses, vegetables and fruits should be on the front of the refrigerator.

Hide unhealthy foods: Do not store foods that are fattening. But if your children insist, hide them and have the children look for them.

Eat on small plates. The portion will seem more plentiful if served on a salad plate.

These are the foods that should not be missing at the expense and in the refrigerator of those who diet:

  • Various spices and seasonings: they give flavor without providing many calories. For example, Provencal sauce or garlic powder.
  • Eggs are rich in nutrients it’s simple. Substitute whites for other foods that are even lighter and rich in protein.
  • Low-Calorie Drinks: If you do not like drinking natural water all the time, try diet juices or low-calorie beverages.

How To Buy Healthy Foods

It is not necessary to go to a health food store to buy healthy foods. Make your next visit to the grocery store a worthwhile one.

Many vegetables and fruits: invest your time in the gondolas of vegetables and fruits. You will hardly choose something that is not healthy.

Respect the list: Do not buy food based on momentum.

Make gradual changes: try whole pasta for a week. Then try to skim milk or a different fruit.

These steps will lead you in the right direction.

Everything You Need to Know About Green Coffee Beans to Lose Weight

Green Coffee is a natural supplement obtained from the extract of the green coffee bean. Green Coffee extract has 2% caffeine, which has several beneficial properties for your health, such as thermogenic, antioxidant and stimulant action. Due to its thermogenic property, Green Coffee helps you lose weight, increasing basal metabolism, favoring fat burning and the reduction of the weight, as well as regulating the levels of sugar in the blood stream.

With increased metabolism, the body starts to use fat accumulated as an energy source, even when we are in a state of rest. This action facilitates healthy weight loss. In addition, other compounds present in Green Coffee help increasing the activity of the enzymes that are responsible for the oxidation of fat in the liver.

Green coffee is also rich in chlorogenic acid, which has the ability to promote the sensation of satiety. Its action reduces hunger, especially the urge to eat sweets and caloric foods. Green Coffee Indonesia also boosts the body’s energy levels, offering more disposition to day-to-day tasks or exercising. Green Coffee also works as mood regulator, aiding the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Green coffee what is it for?

Green coffee beans are known for their antioxidant, thermogenic, antiaging and anticancer properties. In addition to helping diets to lose weight, Green coffee is also indicated to prevent damage caused by free radicals, which cause cell oxidation and the early aging of cells. This action also prevents cancer because it protects the cells against aggressive agents.

Green coffee also has positive effects on the cardiovascular system and high blood pressure because its action reduces the levels of homocysteine, a substance associated with diseases such as atherosclerosis and helps control cholesterol. Green Coffee can be a great ally against diabetes because it stimulates insulin sensitivity.

the best benefits from Green Coffee beans when associate with physical exercises and a healthy diet plan.

Manfaat green coffee! Green Coffee Benefits:

  • Promotes healthy weight loss;
  • Increases localized fat burning;
  • Helps reducing body measures;
  • Softens cellulites;
  • Has high antioxidant capacity;
  • Influences good mood;
  • Helps increase metabolic rate;
  • Helps to treat diabetes;
  • Prevents premature aging;
  • Improves mood;
  • Increases energy levels;
  • Has detoxifying action;
  • Helps reduce intestinal absorption of sugar and regulates blood sugar levels.

Green coffee contraindications

Coffee Green is not indicated for people hypersensitive to any component of the formula. The supplement is also contraindicated for children, pregnant and lactating women. Tell your doctor about the occurrence of pregnancy, lactation or if you are taking any medication.

Green Coffee Side Effects

Green coffee is well tolerated and does not show reports of adverse reactions, provided that the therapeutic doses indicated are respected. Due to the high amount of caffeine in its composition, Green Coffee capsules can cause insomnia and agitation. Tell your doctor about any side effects you may experience after taking this medicine.

What you really need to know about green coffee beans to lose weight:

Internet is full of articles about various studies on Green Coffee Bean Extract to lose weight. Some articles are relevant, some are hyperbolic, some are filled with anecdotes, and many are simply repeating what others have written.

A review of current data and clinical trials on green coffee beans was published in the Gastroenterology Research and Practice Journal. In this review the available data on green coffee were analyzed, and the criteria used were only randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled studies only.

Also as part of the criteria, studies had to test the efficiency of green coffee for weight loss in obese or overweight people. Based on data from the three studies that met the above criteria, the researchers concluded that green coffee might promote weight loss in obese or overweight people.

However, any weight loss program will need a boost, it is not different with us. You will be able to reap the best benefits from Green Coffee beans when associate with physical exercises and a healthy diet plan.

With all the evidence pointing to the solution for an overweight problem, we must say that if you are looking for a safe way to lose all that unwanted body mass, you cannot go pass the benefits of Green Coffee Beans. Access the site and purchase your supply of this “magic pill”!

Is it safe to use an Electronic Muscle Stimulation?

Whatever our intercourse, numerous of us want a tighter, flatter and more toned abdomen but we are wary of utilizing products this kind of as the Abs Stimulator. We might come to feel unsure how they work and if they are actually protected to use.

Just the thought of attaching an electrical gadget to your bodies can appear like a recipe for catastrophe. If you have never ever used an electronic muscle stimulator prior to, it can sound extremely intimating.

Here are some regular inquiries that happen when men and women are taking into consideration purchasing an Abs Stimulator: How does it work? Is it protected? Is it agonizing?

Electronic muscle stimulators

achive your body goals using abs stimulatorElectronic muscle stimulation (EMS) is not a new fad or technology but it has had more than 60 many years being used by health care suppliers, to build and fix muscle tissue in individuals that were bedridden.

For instance individuals that had a broken limb, they would attach an EMS unit to the impacted muscle to stimulate the muscle to keep it activated and prevent muscle atrophy (triggering it from wasting away). For numerous many years this technology was not offered to the standard public but in latest many years, the FDA (Meals and Drug Administration) has accredited this technology for use by the public.

Abs Stimulator employs EMS technology that sends tiny electrical impulses by means of your skin that lead to your muscle tissue to contract and chill out. These impulses resemble the brains standard impulses for the same outcomes. The physique responds to these impulses by sending more blood movement and oxygen to the area being worked. This increases circulation, promotes muscle mass and bodyweight loss.

The Abs Stimulator’s electronic impulses give your abdomen an elevated work out in less time, all with out ever possessing to do a sit-up or crunch.

Is it protected?

Yes, it is very protected and simple to use. As with all electronic units, it is crucial to use accurately to avoid damage. The Abs Stimulator design and style makes setup simple and foolproof, with little area for error.

Here is how you use your Abs Stimulator:

1.Prepare your skin prior to attaching the gel pad. Make sure your skin is dry and clean above the whole area the place the gel pad will be connected. If you have fairly a bit of extra hair in the area, make sure it has been removed.
two.Place the gel pad firmly amongst your rib cage and hips. It would be placed slightly over your stomach button.

3.After the gel pads are in place, it is time to attach the Abs Stimulator unit with its batteries accurately installed. It needs to just slide into the gel pad. This gadget needs to only be used on your abdomen and no other portion of your physique.

4.Select the settings for the length and intensity level you need. Many initial time users try utilizing the highest setting immediately but this can be agonizing, as your muscle tissue is still weak and cannot assistance the impulses. For this reason, it is advised to start at a reduced level and work up to a greater intensity gradually.

five.Keep your gadget in tip-leading shape by storing it in an awesome, dry area of your property and avoid direct make contact with sunlight or heat. Wipe it down with a damp rag sometimes. Your Abs Stimulators gel pads want to be stored in an airtight bag, immediately right after use to prevent them from drying out.

When in doubt

When in doubt, consult your physician prior to utilizing your Abs Stimulator, specifically of you suspect you are pregnant, suffer from heart ailment, have a pacemaker, epilepsy, lately undergone a surgical procedure, etc.

It is only meant to be used by adults. Keep away from kids and pets.

Get the abdomen of your dreams by consuming these four groceries

You still have time to have the abdomen of your dreams.

If you’re worried about losing those extra pounds and getting the figure you always wanted, then you should know that you can get it with a good exercise routine and a proper diet that contains the foods that will help you get rid of fat in your abdomen quickly.

The secret of what these groceries are is revealed here, you’ll be surprised at how simple it is:

  1. The first are fermented foods like youghourt for example, which helps your immune system thrive and besides giving you probiotics help combat swelling.
  1. The second is lemon juice for the fact that it helps detoxify your body by allowing the liver to work better. The liver is responsible for removing fat from the body if by helping it function better you are helping to make fat removal better.
  1. Apple vinegar is the third of the foods that will help you to get the abdomen of your dreams because it has the property of reducing hunger and besides this does not let the fats accentuate, you can consume it as a condiment or directly if you want faster results.
  1. The last but no less essential are the foodstuffs with high content of vitamin C that strengthen the defenses apart from reducing cholesterol levels and having less cholesterol you will have less stress and by having less stress you will have less fat accumulating in your abdomen, you can consume them in salads or fresh.

These are the four groceries you can use to get the abdomen of your dreams. If you haven’t integrated them into your food routine yet, what are you waiting for? You still have time to have the abdomen of your dreams. You can also give a chance to the ab toner that can help you while you’re not working out or you’re too busy to go to the gym


The best supplements for gaining muscular mass


The best supplements for gaining muscular mass

If you have already enrolled yourself in a gym and what you are looking for is a gaining muscle mass, you most likely already have your own exercise routine and diet rich in protein. However, it does not hurt to supplement this with some supplements for gaining mass. In this way, you will be sure that you will have the results you are waiting for.

Take into account that not all supplements act in the same way and that not all are as good assure. These supplements favor the body in order to improve fat burning or our health. But in this particular case, they will be to gain muscle mass.

The best supplements for gaining muscular mass

When it comes to gain muscular mass and toning the body, these are the most employed:


Among all the supplements we need to gain muscle mass, protein is one that should never be missed. Proteins are, without dubt, one of the best supplements for gaining muscular mass

It is one of the most important supplements for gaining mass, so it should always be your first choice when it comes to thinking about supplements. If your body does not have enough protein, you will have difficulty gaining muscle mass.

There are several types of proteins among best supplements for gaining muscular mass but in this case we will focus on Whey, which is obtained through whey. The value of the proteins of the egg and the milk is of 93, whereas, of this supplement is of 110. The composition of the proteins of this product is much more complete. In addition to that, its absorption is faster.

However, if it is used for a long time, it can cause kidney problems.


This is another of the best supplements for gaining muscle mass that is most used for bodybuilding activity. It is used to increase muscle mass and power, so it is usually very effective and recommended for bodybuilding.

The human body is able to generate creatine by itself, but it is also possible to get it from some foods like meat. But, the most effective way to get it is by means of sports supplements, since this way you can have a quality control of creatine.

This supplement helps the muscles recover faster and will make it much more demanding of the body during training. It will also be seen, as it will be much easier to increase the weight progressively. The development of muscles will be visible in a short time.

Multivitamin Complex

This supplement will improve all metabolic functions. It is composed of several vitamins such as complex B, potassium, phosphorus and iron. It is one of the best supplements for gaining muscular mass because provides other minerals that are obtained in very low proportions through our diet.

best supplements for gaining mass testo ultra

1. Branched Chain Amino Acids: Between your best supplements for gaining mass and muscle you cannot leave out these amino acids. They serve to better synthesize proteins, improve endurance and anaerobic and aerobic capacity. And more importantly, it helps maintain our muscles when we go through periods of caloric deficit. Our body is not able to generate essential amino acids, even though these constitute 35% of our muscle mass.

2. Nitric Oxide: This supplement increases the flow of blood and oxygen in our muscles, which helps us to avoid fatigue during training, as well as providing constant energy.

3. Glutamine: This supplement helps to boost the immune system. It provides an extra contribution of defenses, for people who train up to 3 times a day and the food is not enough to manifest a recovery. In addition, it helps neutralize excess lactic acid in the muscles and is an excellent anti-catabolic.

4. Omega 3: These supplements are vital fatty acids, which are obtained from supplements with oil fish, algae or vegetable oils. It not only helps protect the heart, but it also helps gain muscle mass due to its anabolic properties.

5. Caffeine: Caffeine can be achieved by means of seeds or leaves of the plant. This supplement has many health benefits as it improves overall performance. It is possible to use the energy that gives us to execute a more intense training.

6. Carbohydrates: These supplements along with proteins are the most ingested by athletes. These help to recover the glycogen lost in the workouts.

The latest supplements use the power fron natural ingredientes to improve male testosterone, like TestoUltra, with very good results.

Supplements for gaining muscle mass are necessary to achieve good results and have a toned and muscular body. However, remember that you should never substitute a good diet, just supplement it. You should take into account that consuming only these supplements will not make you gain muscle mass. You must complement it with a good exercise routine that allows you to develop your muscles.

Among so many options, we can also buy Nitric Max Muscle. It has 3 powerful ingredients: Nitric Oxide, L-Citrulline and L-Arginine. The first works as a vasodilator to improve blood flow, the second to prevent fatigue and the latter works to release ammonia that is harmful to health, and as a plus, improves sexual performance.

Source: https://favworld.com/products/ultimate-abs-stimulator